When does the retina damage symptoms appear?

Partly detached retina centers a portion of the retina in the upper left eye.

If the retina is detached, the left side of the eye becomes blind.

If you have partial detached retina symptoms, it may mean that part of the left eye has detached and you don’t have the full vision.

If your eye is partially detached, it is very hard to see.

But if your eye has been completely detached, you might see light but not colors or sounds.

You may also have light but no colors or noises.

You might also have no color vision at all.

But most people who have partially detached retina and have partial sight are able to see fine details, such as the colors and the shapes of things in the dark.

If part of your eye isn’t completely detached or you have other symptoms, you can usually see fine detail and still have fine-grained vision.