How to treat retinal ischemic disease

There are few drugs for retinal inflammation that don’t also treat other kinds of inflammation in the retina, the tissue around the eye.

But a new drug that works against both forms of inflammation is under development.

It’s called operculated retina.

It’s a drug that has already been approved in Australia and Europe for the treatment of retinal injury, according to the Australian drug regulatory agency.

“The drug is not a retinal steroid, but it is a steroid which blocks the activity of an enzyme that is involved in the conversion of keratinocytes to macrophages, which are the cells that make the glial cells,” said Dr Michael D’Andrea, from the University of New South Wales.

“This enzyme can then destroy keratinocyte-forming cells in the eye, leaving behind a clear scar.”

We are seeing improvements in the patient’s vision, and this is important because it’s the precursor to retinal detachment.

“This drug is designed to target keratin protein, which is a protein that makes keratin, and to be effective it has to be given on an ongoing basis.”

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