Watch out for ‘tamper-proof’ glasses as the ‘Google Glass’ threat looms

With Google Glass, a wearable computer that lets you control your smartphone and interact with your surroundings, the specter of wearable computers has become all too real.

But with the growing popularity of augmented reality and other new technologies, what if the world’s biggest technology giant were to start making glasses that could sense your presence?

It’s something that could spell trouble for the world-beating tech giant, which is already facing the spectre of its biggest rival, Apple, taking a big lead in wearable computing.

Read moreThe spectre The tech giant is already under fire for a number of its recent developments, including a $9,000, $1,000 smartwatch that uses a camera in the strap and a pair of smart glasses that are the subject of lawsuits.

With Google’s Glass, Apple’s latest device, the company is also facing a lawsuit from a man who alleges that it can track his movements in real time.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple’s technology infringes on the patented design of the glasses and infringes Apple’s copyrights and trademarks.

Apple, however, maintains that it is not infringing on any patents.

Apple’s glasses could be seen as a big step in the right direction, but the lawsuit could also prove costly for the company.

The lawsuit claims that Apple could face a hefty cost for lost profits if the lawsuit is successful.

Apple could also lose billions in profits if it loses the lawsuit.

Read MoreIn fact, the threat of lawsuits has made the Google Glass project a virtual unknown in the tech industry.

Google has been working on its own wearable computing device since last year and has a new version of the wearable called Glass for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6.

While the new wearable could be a step forward for Google, there is no guarantee that it will work well in the real world.

The company recently revealed a new smartwatch and a new pair of glasses that use the same camera technology, which could make it difficult for Apple to claim any intellectual property infringement.

The specterOf course, the wearable could not have worked as well if Google had not invested so much in its wearable computing project.

Google is now trying to convince investors that its wearable computer will be able to work in the future.

Google also says it is working on a new type of glasses to allow users to control their smart phones remotely.

The glasses could also be a game changer for the Google team.

It could allow the company to make a big push into wearable computing and also help it keep pace with Apple’s own efforts.