How to Get Rid of Acute Retinal Necrosis and Dye Orange County’s Blue Eyes

Orange County, California, is known for its blue-eyed residents, and for being home to one of the most well-known blue-eyes in the world.The town of Orange, in the Central Valley of California, has a population of about 8,000.It’s home to the National Geographic Discovery Channel’s Blue Eye Project.The Orange County Blue Eyes Project is a […]

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Apple’s Macbook Air retina repair program may not be complete

MacBook Air retina repairs may not have been fully completed when the Macbook Pro retina computer was recalled on Thursday.Kodak, the manufacturer of the Mac Pro, announced in January that it had recalled 5.5 million Macbook Pros and Macbooks due to faulty chips that had been installed in the computer’s display.It said the replacement chips […]

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How to cure vitreo retina association

Optometrists have a new treatment for vitreous sclerosis, vitreospermic, a condition that causes blurry vision, as a new drug could help treat the condition.Dr Daniel Cuthbertson of the Perth Medical Centre said a new anti-retinotoxin treatment could be approved next month.“We believe this is a very promising treatment for patients with vitreoselective vitreoses,” he said.“Vitreospermia […]

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Watch out for ‘tamper-proof’ glasses as the ‘Google Glass’ threat looms

With Google Glass, a wearable computer that lets you control your smartphone and interact with your surroundings, the specter of wearable computers has become all too real.But with the growing popularity of augmented reality and other new technologies, what if the world’s biggest technology giant were to start making glasses that could sense your presence?It’s […]

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How to Get Better Eyesight: Your Surgeon is the One Who Can Fix Them

Now Playing: This is how to get better eyesight without surgery: The surgeon who can fix your retina article Now The new generation of doctors has been trained to do the best job possible at restoring your vision and are more confident in their ability to help you achieve that goal.But there are still a […]

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