A new technique may help people with retinal detachments read faces

A new research study has revealed that the retina can be manipulated to alter the way the eye processes the visual information it receives.

The researchers used MRI imaging to see how the retina is manipulated by the eye in people with congenital retinitis pigmentosa (CRPS).

The team used a technique called “optogenetic” surgery.

In the procedure, a small electrode is implanted in the retina and used to stimulate the retina by way of a thin line of light.

This thin line forms a pattern of dots on the retina, where the retina itself can be scanned by a computer.

This technique has been used for a number of other conditions, such as diabetes, depression and Parkinson’s disease.

However, the researchers found that a small change in the shape of the line on the retinal can change the way it responds to the light.

The team said the technique could allow for the manipulation of the shape and arrangement of the retinotopic cells in the eye.

In this way, the retinas can be altered to create different visual experiences.

“The retinas of these patients are very sensitive to light, which is why they have to be stimulated with a thin laser line to activate them.

It can also be very important in patients with CRPS,” said lead researcher Professor Martin Seltzer.”

If we can do this with just one retinal line, we could potentially control the shape in the eyes and make them respond to a different stimulus.”

The researchers said the work could be useful in treating certain types of retinal disease in humans.

They said that the technique is not entirely new.

“In the past, people have been able to manipulate the shape, spacing and arrangement in the reticuli by stimulating them with a light pulse or by using an electric current to stimulate them,” Professor Seltze said.

“But this is the first time we have shown that we can manipulate the reticular shape, shape spacing and spacing with an MRI scanner.”

Professor Seltzi said that if the technique can be applied to other disorders such as Parkinson’s, it could lead to treatments that could reduce or prevent some of the cognitive impairments that people with CRps experience.

“This work could potentially be used to treat some of these disorders,” he said.


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