IMAX’s Retinal Photocoagulating Lightbulb is the First Lightbulbs to Work on Android Wear

It looks like it’s the new normal for Apple Watch and Android Wear devices, as the company has released a lightbulb that can be used to monitor the progress of retinal pigmentation.

The device is the IMAX RetinalPigmentometer, and it’s essentially an infrared lightbulbs sensor that detects light in your eye and sends it to the phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

It works like this: The sensor is mounted in a socket, and the lightbulB’s LEDs are positioned on the top of the socket, allowing for the light to pass through the device’s socket.

As you might expect, the light from the light bulb will bounce off the device, making the light in the socket appear to the sensor.

You can adjust the intensity of the light emitted by the sensor by adjusting the brightness of the LED light bulbs.

A quick glance at the app’s description will reveal that the device uses IMAX glasses as a display, and IMAX has included a number of apps to let you control the light with your voice.

Using this device with your watch will allow you to monitor your progress with light-sensitive glasses.

It’s not quite as simple as just putting on your glasses and taking the device out, though.

The IMAX retinal pigmentometer can only be used in conjunction with the IACT retinal lightbulber app, which is compatible with Android Wear watches.

In addition to controlling the intensity and brightness of your light, you’ll also be able to see the depth of your eyes and adjust the contrast between them.

I am not sure if IMAX will include this device in the IACCOM app for Apple and Android, but I think it is a very neat product that will be on display at IACC 2016.

This is an impressive product, and is probably one of the best looking and functional devices I have ever used.