How to fix your Macbook retina screen problem

Posted February 16, 2018 10:51:10Macbook Pro retina display issues are now more widespread than ever, and some companies are warning customers not to go back to using them until Apple has fixed the problem.

Apple said it is “reviewing” the problem, which affects a quarter of the world’s computers, with a report expected on Wednesday.

The company said it has “a number of steps” in place to help users get the display back up and running, but that it was not able to provide an exact timeline for when those steps would be taken.

Apple also said it “has no immediate plans” to replace the Retina display with a newer, thinner, lighter one.

The company said that it has made “significant investments” in the device’s technology and the company has already invested $2 billion into improving its design.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro retina displays have been on the market since December 2016, and it was expected to debut the latest model in March.

It is the first time the company is launching a new model of the laptop, and many consumers complained about the display.

Apple released a video detailing the issues with the Retinas display, which have been found on more than a third of its laptops.

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