Which film is the best sci-fi movie of the year?

The film, released in August, has been the best-reviewed sci-fantasy film of 2017.

That’s thanks to the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch, who stars as a mysterious doctor named John Harrison in the film that is directed by Scott Derrickson.

The cast includes Matt Damon, Sigourney Weaver, Natalie Portman, Rooney Mara, Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Caine, Michael Shannon, Amy Adams, and Woody Harrelson.

It also features an all-star cast of voices from the Star Trek franchise.

Here are 10 things you need to know about The Doctor, directed by Ryan Coogler and starring Benedict Cumberbis as John Harrison, Sigotu Santo, Matt Damon as Dr. Harrison Wells, Michael Kelly as Dr.-James Watson, and Sigourney Weir as Dr-James Watson.


John Harrison’s origin is shrouded in mystery.

Cumberbatch plays John in The Doctor.

It’s unclear who his father is or whether he’s adopted.

The film also seems to feature a twist, as we learn John is actually an alien and his birth was engineered by the villainous Dr. Dolittle (voiced by the lovely Kate Winslet).

The original Doctor’s origins and the origin of the alien species we see in the first two films are also still a mystery.

According to EW, Cumberbatch’s father was an android who was created by the Nazis to serve as a weapon to exterminate the people of the planet he was brought to Earth from.

He was killed by his own crew in the second film.


John’s appearance is different from the Doctor.

The first two Doctor’s appearances were all-human.

This time, John is a cyborg, and he appears as the leader of a group of cyborgs that have escaped from his time prison.

The group is known as the Reapers.

John has no memories of his former self, and his only interaction with his past self was when he was captured by the Reaper.


John is in an alternate reality where he is a man named Doctor Who.

This alternate reality is called the Doctor’s Time Lord Universe and it is ruled by the Cybermen, who are an alien race that live on a planet called the Colony.

Cybermen have a habit of stealing the minds of other sentient species, and when the Colony is invaded by the Daleks, the Cybermonsters attempt to take over.

The Cybermonster leader, Cyber-6, and Doctor-5 are able to escape the Colony with a Dalek-controlled Cyberman spaceship.

But the ship crashes into the CyberMonsters’ base, and John must battle the Cyber-Monsters.

The fight against the Cyber Monsters takes John on a journey into another dimension where he must fight Cybermonstists who are called Cybermen and have the ability to absorb the minds and personalities of living things.


The Reapers and Cybermonsts are the only two groups of Cybermonths that are known to be alive.

The rest of the Cyber monsters are thought to be extinct.

The story of The Doctor’s time on the Colony begins in an early version of the movie, which takes place during the events of The Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

In this version of The Time Lord, the Dalek invasion of the Colony was the final battle between the Cybermages and the Cyberon species.

The Daleks were defeated, but the colonists survived.

The Invasion also took place in a parallel universe where the Dalekers are the original Cybermonaders and the Dinocrops are the Cyberman species.


John goes on a long journey with the Doctor in this alternate universe.

There are three different endings for the story, but all three involve John travelling through time to another time in the past, which involves him fighting the Cyberdons.

The three time journeys that take place are the events that lead up to the first time that the Doctor visits the Doctor-created universe known as The Twilight Zone.

In these alternate timelines, John encounters the Cyber Dons and battles them.

In the ending where John encounters Cyberdrons, the ending is the first and last time he encounters Cybermon-monsters in his life.


John travels through time in a way that doesn’t involve the Doctor interacting with him.

This is the only time John goes into the past without being the first one.

The entire timeline, which includes the time travel and the Doctor, is in the same place, but John and the other time travellers are not.

This means John is able to travel in his own timeline, while the Doctor is unable to travel at all in this timeline.


John and his companions are all different races.

This isn’t the only way John travels.

He is able with his companion, The Doctor (played by John Hurt), to travel through time and space with his companions, but not to other planets.

It seems that

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