Which one of the top 3 photo apps for iPhone and iPad is your favourite?

The app store is filled with photo-centric apps, but the ones with the most eyeballs are arguably the ones that can make the most of the new retina display technology.

The first app to go into the new Apple-designed hardware, and arguably the best option for photo lovers, is the Instagram app.

The iPhone and the iPad version have the same layout, but you can zoom in and out to see your feed in full HD.

The Instagram app also has the best photo quality, thanks to the retina display.

It’s a big leap forward from the iPhone and iPod Touch’s stock iOS 8 apps, which could suffer if the iPhone 7 Plus’ Retina display doesn’t catch up.

The camera app, however, is still a huge disappointment.

While the app is great, there’s no way you can tell which photo you’re taking with your iPhone, because it uses the same 3D sensor and optical zoom that you’d get with a DSLR camera.

Instead, it uses a fixed 8MP sensor and a 20MP camera.

The result is a lacklustre experience.

And while the iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus are the best phones for photography on the market, the iPad is still the best for editing, especially if you’re using an app that uses the latest and greatest in photo editing tools.

If you’re not a photographer, you’ll probably be more happy with the iPhone X, the company’s latest iteration.

That’s not to say you won’t want to take photos on the iPhone or iPad, but that the quality of your photo editing and photo sharing experience will depend on which iPhone you choose.