How to change your eyes color after laser eye surgery

Posted October 19, 2018 05:29:06 After a laser eye operation, you may have noticed the color of your eyes changes.

You can learn how to change the way your eyes look after laser surgery.

If you want to see a video on how to remove the laser, watch this video:Before the operation, your eyes will look like normal.

You will be able to see and see things, like your face and clothes.

After the operation you will still see your eyes but your pupils will be wider.

Your pupils will narrow again and you will have to wear glasses to see.

Your eyes will be much wider after the surgery and you may even have to adjust your glasses.

Your eyes are your most important eyes and will be the first thing you see after surgery.

Your surgeon will take the time to make sure that the procedure was done correctly.

Before you go ahead with the operationYou should know that after the operation your eyes may look very different than normal.

The most common cause of this is a scar that may have developed around the laser.

This can cause the pupil to look different and you need to change things to make your eyes more like the eyes of an old person.

You may need to get glasses and contact lenses before you start the procedure.

You should not wear glasses until you have checked with your surgeon that you are not going to have a scar or other eye issue.

The surgeon will make sure your eye will look normal before you go to the operating theatre.

Your surgeon will need to make two measurements:The top of the pupil and the bottom of the iris.

They will make them at the same time.

You should wear contact lenses for this procedure as they will help reduce the amount of light passing through your eye.

The procedureThe laser will be shone at your eye, which will be a specialised light source called an IR laser.

It will cause your eye to glow and your pupils to open up.

You need to be in a position where you can see the laser beam and the laser will shine it at you.

You cannot see the light, but you will see the effect of the light.

The laser is very bright, so you need the correct setting to ensure that the laser does not cause any harm.

This is what the surgeon will do in this video.

Once the laser has been shone at you, the laser light will have faded, and you can look at your eyes and see your pupils.

If you are using contact lenses, you should be wearing them as they may help reduce light transmission.

The doctor will put the eye patch on your face.

You must wear the contact lenses as this is where you will put your glasses before the surgery.

This will help ensure that you do not get any light from the laser and will reduce the risk of light exposure.

You will be wearing your contacts before you come to the theatre.

Your contacts are made of fabric and they will keep your contact lenses on for as long as you are wearing them.

Your eye patch will not be worn after the procedure, but will stay on until you come out of the operating room.

You are then taken to the waiting room.

Your doctor will tell you which area of your face to put the patch on and where to put it.

Your doctor will check to make certain that your eye patch is snug.

Your ear will be fitted and then the patches are put on.

If it is too tight, the surgeon may need more surgery.

Once you are ready, the patch is put on and your eyes should be very clear.

Your pupils will close up and you should have no vision of the laser shining at you again.

You are now ready to go.

You can expect to feel a little bit of a buzz when you have your eyes closed.

It is normal after surgery for you to feel tired after the first couple of hours, but it should ease up by the time you are at the theatre again.

You may have to sleep with your eyes open, but that is normal.

If the procedure is painful, your doctor will need you to go back to the hospital.