When a Macbook Retina Is Broken: Is It a Mac’s Fault?

In some ways, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how many people have been affected by the retinal tears.The first known incident of a macbook retina tear occurred in July 2017, when a customer was trying to open a MacBook Pro, according to the Macbook Pro website.That same month, a customer at a nearby Apple Store […]

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How to Get a Retinal Hemorrhage Diagnosed in California

Posted January 23, 2019 05:12:20For the uninitiated, retinal hemorrhages are a painful and debilitating disease that can cause vision loss or loss of vision.They are especially common in people with a family history of macular degeneration, but are also often found in people who have other genetic or environmental causes.According to the Mayo Clinic, about […]

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How to pronounce the word retina in English

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Apple’s Macbook Air retina repair program may not be complete

MacBook Air retina repairs may not have been fully completed when the Macbook Pro retina computer was recalled on Thursday.Kodak, the manufacturer of the Mac Pro, announced in January that it had recalled 5.5 million Macbook Pros and Macbooks due to faulty chips that had been installed in the computer’s display.It said the replacement chips […]

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